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Cultivate Your Connection to the Sacred Everyday


Sanctuaries &

Rest, Rejuvenate and Nourish your Spirit in your uniquely designed Sanctuary.
Activate your Sacred Space
with an Altar that expresses
your deepest desires
and opens the
Channel to the Divine.

Ceremonies & Celebrations

Relax & Enjoy your
Ceremony & Celebration.  
Let it transform you,
hold you and heal your Soul,
while I take care of all the details.
Full Service Event Production & 
Officiant Services Available

& Partnerships

From one on one sessions
to Women's groups and
a Women's Ecstatic Dance...
this is the place to connect
with like minded
Awakening Souls on this
Evolutionary Journey.



When you sit in a Sacred Space,

you don't want to leave.

You truly feel loved, as you are.

You want to bathe in it.

The space holds you.  

What you believe to be God

is amidst you.  

You are ONE - Connected.
This Sacred Space is a

Gateway to the Divine.
It takes unlimited Shapes & Forms.
It is Presence.

It is my Honor to co-create this Sacred Space in your life.

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"After a devastating period of loss, grief and medical complications, my inner compass was having a hard time finding its way back to Center. One session with Holli reset my nervous system allowed me to put down my fear and pick up my faith. By the second session, I was palpably stronger in spirit and resolve to heal. She helped me reconnect with the most sacred parts of myself to find my spirit center and chart a course forward. Thank you for sharing your gifts and ministry with me, Holli."

Erica King

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a stellar and smooth job making our rehearsal and wedding so perfect and magical. You are very gifted at what you do and how you do it, both as a person and as a professional. It was a joy working with you from beginning to end. Your idea of the sparklers turned out to be one of the most magnificent parts of the entire weekend, for us and others.

Kathleen & Geoff

"Holli, We send deep thanks for your incredible help with all the logistical arrangements for the Service for Mary.  It was a great relief and comfort for us to have you take over all the details with such loving care and efficiency.  You helped create a beautiful environment for people to grieve and celebrate Mary's life."

Kristen & Pete




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