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Ecstatic Dance is a freeform conscious movement practice that Returns us to our Sacred Center. Come listen to all that's alive within you, express it, witness it & let it move, guide & transform you in this nourishing Sacred Container of Dancing Sisters!  May this dance support, nourish & empower ALL WOMEN to live in alignment with their Highest Self & cultivate a Divine Connection with the Sacred.

Each dance we invoke a different intention such as "Empowered Embodiment: Healing #metoo Together", "Cracked Wide Open",  "Love More Visibly" & Dancing Chaos to Creation".  This dance is co-created by Holli and the most talented Ecstatic Dance DJ's: Sam Bean, Lauren & Anna Dale - to name a on their photos above to learn more about their offerings.

This dance began in 2017 and met twice monthly.  It is currently evolving into an Virtual Online Dance for Women Everywhere.

Return To Center - Women's Ecstatic Dance welcomes all those who identify as women: all gender expressions, sexualities, ages, shapes, sizes, abilities, races, ethnicities and/or religons.

Our usual framework is below:

20 minutes Warm Up

10 minutes Invocation 

80 minutes Free Form Dance

30 Minutes Closing Circle & Heart shares

Suggested Donations Appreciated

Sliding fee $0-$20

See FB homepage for current offerings, guidelines & practices...

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